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AlgoKit: The Easiest Way to Build > Test > Deploy your dApp

The wait is over. All the tools you need to build, test, and deploy on Algorand are now available in a single, simple package. Set up your dev environment in only 10 minutes and then get coding on the only blockchain with:

  • Unrivaled point-of-sale transaction speed
  • Industry-leading uptime
  • Concierge-style developer support, every step of your journey
  • …and don’t miss the chance to try the Developer Preview of Python on Algorand – out now!

Simpler Onboarding to Web3

AlgoKit’s new command line interface removes the pain of onboarding to Web3, helping you setup your environment, manage your project, and deploy safely and securely

The Promise of Web3, Delivered

Web3 promises to radically transform how value is exchanged, bringing power back to the user and making transactions more secure, transparent, and affordable. And when your users have something of value on the line–whether making a purchase or proving ownership–the technology powering their exchange just needs to work.

With its pioneering PPoS technology, Algorand is the only blockchain in existence delivering the reliability of Web2 with the unprecedented speed, affordability, and broad accessibility of Web3.

Solve Real World Problems at Scale

Algorand is already being leveraged by businesses and brands you know–and by leading applications of tomorrow. What will you build?

Build Faster on the Only L1 Blockchain with:

  • Zero Downtime As the most reliable L1 blockchain in the world, Algorand is always on.
  • Quantum-Secure Algorand is the only protocol that’s future-proofed–safe against quantum attacks now and in the future.
  • Instant Finality Algorand provides the consistent point-of-sale speed that users expect, processing 10K TPS with 3.3s block finality.
  • Concierge Developer Relations From help with debugging to dApp architecture, benefit from Algorand's holistic approach to supporting builders every step of the way.