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Contribute to the Algorand Developer Docs

We are happy to announce that the official Algorand Developer Documentation repository is now public and open to contributions by the community.

Many of you have provided valuable feedback about our documentation through the Algorand Forums and social media channels. This feedback has helped us fix errors, improve wording and code snippets, and identify gaps in information. We are happy to now provide a more direct and integrated path for you to jump in and make or suggest changes through Github issues and pull requests (and therefore get documented credit for your work!).

The official repository for the Algorand Developer Documentation is located at and is licensed under an MIT license. Please take a look at our Contributing Guide for detailed information on the types of contributions we are looking for and how to get started.

The developer documentation uses the Material for Mkdocs static doc generator to render the docs from markdown to HTML, which provides several extra formatting options that are not accurately rendered in Github alone. You can check out examples that are currently live and map them back to their corresponding markdown file in the repository’s master branch. We will add more style guides for writing docs in the future.

Our developer docs aim to provide a balanced set of fundamental building blocks for developing applications on Algorand or running an Algorand node. If you are not sure if your contribution would fall in that category, you can always submit sample code or step-by-step guides as Solutions or Tutorials in the Algorand Dev Portal. At the time of writing this, the Algorand Foundation is sponsoring rewards for these latter contributions as part of the Algorand Foundation Developer Ambassador Program.

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