Algorand Smart Contract Templates

As a way of supporting smart contract usage on Algorand, a set of templates is being built that expose common use case scenarios with prebuilt TEAL programs. The templates are located and documented on Github. In addition to supplying and testing the templates, Algorand also provides unique SDK function calls to use these templates within an application. Do keep in mind that this is a work in progress and the supported templates will be listed here when they have been fully supported. 

Current List of Supported Templates

Hash Time Locked Contract - This template is intended to function as an escrow or contract account and should not be used in a delegated signature scenario. This contract can be funded and then the funds can be withdrawn by a receiver if the proper hash preimage has been provided. If the contract has timed out, the original owner can withdraw the funds. A full description of this contract is available on Hash Time Locked Contract. To use this template with any of the SDKs see the HTLC SDK usage page.

Split Contract - TBD