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File Export Plugin

File Export Plugin

Write block data to files. This plugin works with the file rerader plugin to create a simple file-based pipeine.


```yml @sample.yaml name: "file_writer" config: # BlocksDir is the path to a directory where block data should be stored. # The directory is created if it doesn't exist. If no directory is provided # blocks are written to the Conduit data directory. #block-dir: "/path/to/block/files"

# FilenamePattern is the format used to write block files. It uses go
# string formatting and should accept one number for the round.
# If the file has a '.gz' extension, blocks will be gzipped.
# Default: "%[1]d_block.json"
filename-pattern: "%[1]d_block.json"

# DropCertificate is used to remove the vote certificate from the block data before writing files.
drop-certificate: true