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PostgreSQL Exporter

PostgreSQL Exporter

Write block data to a postgres database.

The database maintained by this plugin is designed to serve the Indexer API.

Connection string

The connection string is defined by the pgx database driver.

For most deployments, you can use the following format:

host={url} port={port} user={user} password={password} dbname={db_name} sslmode={enable|disable}

For additional details, refer to the parsing documentation here.

Data Pruning

The delete-task prunes old transactions according to its configuration. This can be used to limit the size of the database.


```yml @sample.yaml name: postgresql config: # Pgsql connection string # See for more details connection-string: "host= port=5432 user= password= dbname="

# Maximum connection number for connection pool
# This means the total number of active queries that can be running
# concurrently can never be more than this
max-conn: 20

# The delete task prunes old transactions according to its configuration.
# By default transactions are not deleted.
  # Interval used to prune the data. The values can be -1 to run at startup,
  # 0 to disable, or N to run every N rounds.
  interval: 0

  # Rounds to keep
  rounds: 100000