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conduit processors filter


tagstring tag is the tag of the struct to analyze.
It can be of the form `txn.*` where the specific ending is determined by the field you wish to filter on.
It can also be a field in the ApplyData.
expression-typeexpression.FilterType expression-type is the type of comparison applied between the field, identified by the tag, and the expression.
  • exact
  • regex
  • less-than
  • less-than-equal
  • greater-than
  • great-than-equal
  • equal
  • not-equal
expressionstringexpression is the user-supplied part of the search or comparison.


filters[]map[string][]SubConfig filters are a list of SubConfig objects with an operation acting as the string key in the map filters: - [any,all,none]: expression: "" expression-type: "" tag: ""