Installing on Other Linux Distros

Installing on Other Linux Distributions

Nodes have been verified on Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Raspian (Raspberry Pi 3). Other modern distros should work as well.

Retrieve Installation Package

Create a temporary folder to hold the install package and files.

mkdir ~/inst
cd ~/inst

Read how we use and store your data here. Copy the installer from Github (downloads/installers/linux_amd64 or the link appropriate for your platform). Optionally, you can verify SHA for the file.

Unzip the package (make sure to use the appropriate filename):

tar -xf install_master_linux-amd64.tar.gz

Installation Instructions

You are now ready to install! Run the installer from within your installation directory.

./ -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n

When the installer runs, it will pull down the latest update package from S3 for your platform and install it. The -n option above tells the installer to not auto-start the node; after configuring telemetry, run `goal node start -d ~/node/data` to start it.  If the installation succeeds you'll be instructed to start the node manually.

Start Your Node

Follow the steps here to enable telemetry and start your node!