Installing on Ubuntu

Installing on Ubuntu

Nodes have been verified on Ubuntu 18.04. Other Debian-based distros should work as well (use apt-get install rather than apt install).

Retrieve Installation Package

Create a temporary folder to hold the install package and files.

mkdir ~/inst
cd ~/inst

Read how we use and store your data here. Copy the installer from Github (downloads/installers/linux_amd64). Optionally, you can verify SHA for the file.

Unzip the package (make sure to use the appropriate filename):

tar -xf install_master_linux-amd64.tar.gz

Installation Instructions

You are now ready to install! Run the installer from within your installation directory.

./ -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n

If you get an error trying to download the update run:

sudo apt install ca-certificates

Then try again:

./ -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n

When the installer runs, it will pull down the latest update package from S3 for your platform and install it. The -n option above tells the installer to not auto-start the node; after configuring telemetry, run `goal node start -d ~/node/data` to start it.  If the installation succeeds you'll be instructed to start the node manually.

Start Your Node

Follow the steps here to enable telemetry and start your node!