Latest Updates


The following sections cover changes to improve performance, squash bugs and to add new features.

Changes made in Version 0.2.15 

Archived Updates are located here.


• Add `goal account partkeyinfo` command to dump detailed partkey info
• Add round to REAL API balance call
• Increase account minimum balance by 10x to 100,000
• Add `goal account renewpartkey` and `renewallpartkeys` commands
• ConcensusVersion for newly generated private networks now set to the latest version.
• Add DisconnectReason to DisconnectPeer telemetry event


• More catchup performance improvements
• Delete old participation keys in a separate thread
• Use write-buffer enhancement for websocket
• Take advantage of concurrent db reads and writes
• 2-3x throughput improvement for receiving small messages
• Make the crash db persistance work in parallel.
• Add a lazy evaluation for the high priotiry queue.
• Increase parallelism during catchup
• Adds fetch block over gossip (not just HTTP get from Relays)
• Reduce memory allocation in peer readLoop()
• Catchup now load-balances more across available Relays

Bug Fixes

• Liveness: Ignore malformed proposal payloads; do not disconnect
• Try to decode everything we encode to disk
• Fix db handle leak for ephemeral keys