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Algorand 2.0

Changes made in Version 2.0.2

2.0.2 Primary Feature

The primary reason for the release is to increase the amount of time nodes have to upgrade to new consensus versions after voting thresholds have been met. Our upgrade process has two windows:

  • a voting window (10k blocks or ~12 hours) which repeats until a 90% acceptance threshold is met
  • a single upgrade-required window (also 10k blocks or ~12 hours) before the consensus version changes.

As such, the proposed release changes the length of the upgrade-required window from 10k blocks (~12 hours) to 140k blocks (~7 days). As noted, this window starts after the voting threshold of 90% has been successfully reached. Please note that the new window does not take effect until after this release - the upgrade required window will still be 10k blocks for this release.

2.0.2 Additional Features

In addition to the upgrade window change we are making (mentioned above), we also have a couple of commits improving the UX of Algorand Standard Assets as well as a couple of small bug fixes. The full list of changes can be found here, but listed below are the most significant commits: