Section Index

Algorand Networks

Find information about each of Algorand's public networks, including the genesis hash and ID, the current software version, and dispenser information for TestNet and BetaNet.

Overview - Landing page with overview of the three networks.

MainNet - TestNet - BetaNet 🔷

Command Line Interface Tools (CLI Tools)

List of available commands for three official Algorand CLIs that are included as part of node install packages.

goal - kmd - algokey


Overview, installation guides, and documentation for the four Algorand SDKs. Also includes a migration guide for developers moving from algod v1 to v2 (recommended).

SDKs Overview

JavaScript - Python - Java - Go

V2 Migration Guide 🆕


List of available paths and models for algod, kmd, and indexer.

algod v2 🆕 - algod v1 - kmd - indexer 🆕

Smart Contracts (TEAL)

The language specification, a list of available opcodes, and guidelines for use of the Transaction Execution Approval Language (TEAL). Also includes templates, with walkthrough explanations, to solve several common use cases written in TEAL.

TEAL Specification - TEAL Opcodes - TEAL Guidelines

Delegate Key Registration Template - Dynamic Fee Template - Hash Time Lock Contract Template - Limit Order (Contract Owner Has Algos) Template - Split Template

Transaction Reference

An index of the structure and fields of Algorand Transactions.

Common Fields - Payment - Key Registration - Asset Configuration - Asset Transfer - Asset Opt-In - Asset Clawback - Asset Freeze - Application Call - Signed

Payment Prompts

The URI specification representing a standardized way for applications and websites to send requests and information through deeplinks, QR codes, etc.

WalletConnect Schema

The WalletConnect Schema is a set of JSON-RPC 2.0 requests and responses supporting secure communication between mobile wallets and decentralized applications.

Node Reference

An overview of the files and software packaged with a node plus the full list of node configuration settings.

Parameters and Constraints

Includes tables describing frequently used chain parameters and constraints.