diagcfg telemetry

diagcfg telemetry

Enable/disable and configure Algorand remote logging


With no commands or flags, displays status of node's telemetry reporting. Commands allow configuration of a node's remote logging.

diagcfg telemetry [command]
diagcfg telemetry [flags]



  disable                Disable remote logging for a node
  enable                 Enable remote logging for a node
  endpoint -e <url>      Sets the URI property in the telemetry configuration

  name -n <nodeName>     Enable remote logging with a specified node name

  status                 Print the node's remote logging status. Same functionality as the bare 'diagcfg telemetry' command

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --dataDir string        Data directory for the node
  -h, --help                  Help for telemetry commands


  • diagcfg - CLI for interacting with Algorand logging.