Version: 2.0.1.stable

Protocol Version:


TestNet Dispenser

You can dispense algos to your TestNet account by visiting Algorand Dispenser.

  1. Click the Google sign-in link at the top of the Dispenser page and sign-in with your Google account.
  2. Complete the reCAPTCHA.
  3. Copy and paste the public key of the target address you would like to send money to into the empty text box.
  4. Click "Dispense".

A 200 status code and a transaction ID means success. You can run goal account balance -a <pubkey> -d <data-dir> to view the new balance.

TestNet Block Explorer

The TestNet block explorer can be found here: https://testnet.algoexplorer.io/ you can select which network you'd like to point to by making your selection on the network drop down menu to the right.

Switch Network to TestNet

Instructions on configuring your node for TestNet can be found in the Switching Networks page.