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indexer util block-generator runner

indexer util block-generator runner

Run test suite and collect results.


Run an automated test suite using the block-generator daemon and a provided algorand-indexer binary. Results are captured to a specified output directory.

indexer util block-generator runner [flags]


      --cpuprofile string                   Path where Indexer writes its CPU profile.

  -h, --help                                help for runner

  -i, --indexer-binary string               Path to indexer binary.

  -p, --indexer-port uint                   Port to start the server at. This is useful if you have a prometheus server for collecting additional data. (default 4010)

  -k, --keep-data-dir                       If set the validator will not delete the data directory after tests complete.

  -l, --log-level string                    LogLevel to use when starting Indexer. [error, warn, info, debug, trace] (default "error")

  -c, --postgres-connection-string string   Postgres connection string.

  -r, --report-directory string             Location to place test reports.

      --reset                               If set any existing report directory will be deleted before running tests.

  -s, --scenario string                     Directory containing scenarios, or specific scenario file.

  -d, --test-duration duration              Duration to use for each scenario. (default 5m0s)

      --validate                            If set the validator will run after test-duration has elapsed to verify data is correct. An extra line in each report indicates validator success or failure.