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Getting Started with Assets

Creating an asset is simply a type of transaction on Algorand. There is no contract code required. Here are five ways to get started developing with Algorand Standard Assets.

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Verify Signatures and Signed Data within Algorand Smart Contracts

This article explains how to use the ed25519verify opcode in conjunction with the tealsign goal command.

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Contribute to the Algorand Developer Docs

The official Algorand Developer Documentation repository is now public and open to contributions. Read the contributing guide to get started.

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How to Write Smart Contracts

This article summarizes the three primary ways you can build Algorand Smart Contracts.

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Updated PyTeal Resources

PyTeal, a language binding for TEAL, is a community project created to make writing Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC) easier. This article summarizes the latest resources available to start building Algorand Smart Contracts in Python.

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Getting Started on Algorand

In this article, we are going to cover some of the basics of where to start, what tutorials are available, options for setting up your development environment, and how you can be rewarded for developing applications on the Algorand blockchain.

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Contribute to the Algorand Community and Earn Rewards

Last week we launched our new Developer Portal, with significant improvements to how developers can learn to use and implement applications on the Algorand blockchain. We are looking for developers to help us expand the content on this site, and the Algorand Foundation is rewarding those who do!

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Welcome to the Algorand Developer Portal

The new Algorand Developer Portal provides resources for developers to turn their ideas into full-scale applications. Browse and search across new content, like Tutorials and Solutions. Access technical documentation. Stay up-to-date on the latest features.

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Automating with the Mule Framework

Mule is a generalized automation framework for organizing the execution of defined automation in a declarative yaml format.

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Building on Algorand: Developer Week 2020 Hackathon, Recap and Code

Over 600 attendees participated recently at the Algorand Sponsored Developer Week 2020 in San Francisco...

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PyTeal — Writing Algorand Smart Contracts in Python

PyTeal is a python language binding for Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC) that abstracts away the complexities in writing smart contracts. PyTeal is provided as an open-source tool for the Algorand community. We invite you to try, use, and contribute to PyTeal if you are interested in developing and deploying ASC’s in Python.

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Introducing Sandbox: The quick way to get started on Algorand

Sandbox makes the process of node creation and configuration seamless with several helpful commands for containerization and process management. It is simply a quick and easy way to create and configure an Algorand node using Docker.

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