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Introducing AlertHub to Monitor Your Algorand Accounts

AlertHub allows developers to enable monitoring and real-time alerting on Algorand accounts.


Introducing Algorand Builder

Algorand Builder is a trustworthy framework for building Algorand DApps. We make building and shipping DApps easy.


Sharing Global State Across Contracts

This article explains how one contract can read another's global state.


From Algos to ASAs

This guide maps core technical concepts related to the Algo to Algorand Standard Assets, which is Algorand's Layer-1 implementation for third-party fungible and non-fungible tokens.


Encode Algorand Club Recap

Recap of the Encode Algorand Club pre-accelerator and describes the projects built by each participating team.


Introducing the Algorand Developer Portal in Simplified Chinese

The Algorand Developer Portal is now available in Simplified Chinese.


Intro to Algorand Studio & Algorand VS Code Extension

This article introduces two developer tools by Obsidian Labs. The first is their Algorand Studio project and the second is their VS Code Extension. Both tools are used to work with Algorand and make building and testing transactions and smart contracts easier. Additionally, both can be used to run an Algorand node.


Introducing Sandbox 2.0

Algorand Sandbox 2.0 is focused on developers and now deploys a containerized private network with an indexer by default. All APIs are exposed to localhost; sending and searching for transaction has never been easier.


Making Development Easier with Algorand IDE Playground

The RockX IDE Playground for Algorand allows developers to try out many protocol features within a Web IDE.


Algorand Developer Office Hours

The Algorand Developer Relations Team holds weekly office hours to demo new features and answer you development questions.


Reach - The Easiest and Safest way to Build DApps

Blockchain development is hard. Existing tooling is complex, time-consuming to use and not robust against common programming oversights. Reach is fundamentally changing the way blockchain developers approach their craft, safely, efficiently and with formal proofs.


Linking Algorand Stateful and Stateless Smart Contracts

This article discussing linking stateful and stateless smart contracts and why it makes sense in many applications.

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