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Algorand Exchange Price Oracle

In this article, we show the implementation of a simple exchange using an on-chain Oracle as the price source. It handles the on-chain submission and the usage in an atomic transfer taking advantage of TEAL smart contracts.


Leased Transactions: Securing Advanced Smart Contract Design

Certain smart contracts can benefit from defining a Lease parameter, which can provide security for exclusive transaction execution, mitigate fee variability, and enable long-running smart contracts. Learn when and how to use Leases in this article.


Smart Contract SDK Usage Updated to V2

The feature guide for accessing a TEAL program from an SDK is updated for V2. This guide contains SDK samples using TEAL programs with contract accounts or delegated signatures.


Algorand Smart Contract Layer1 (ASC1) and Oracles

At the end of 2019, Algorand released in record time the Algorand Smart Contract Layer1 (ASC1), a new paradigm shift for smart contracts. The first part of this article goes through our understanding of ASC1. The second part addresses oracle data in ASC1 showing a way to insert signed data from the outside world with a small example.


Algorand V2 SDK Asset and Atomic Transfer Examples

New Algorand SDK V2 examples for Assets and Atomic Transfers


What's New: Algorand v2.0.7

Algorand v2.0.7 was released to MainNet and TestNet, accompanied by a new set of features in the Algorand APIs. Learn more about what's new in this article.


Introducing Algorand’s V2 Indexer

Introducing the new Algorand Indexer - a fast and efficient way to search for transactions, accounts, assets, and blocks on the Algorand blockchain.


Getting Started with Assets

Creating an asset is simply a type of transaction on Algorand. There is no contract code required. Here are five ways to get started developing with Algorand Standard Assets.


Verify Signatures and Signed Data within Algorand Smart Contracts

This article explains how to use the ed25519verify opcode in conjunction with the tealsign goal command.


Contribute to the Algorand Developer Docs

The official Algorand Developer Documentation repository is now public and open to contributions. Read the contributing guide to get started.


How to Write Smart Contracts

This article summarizes the three primary ways you can build Algorand Smart Contracts.


Updated PyTeal Resources

PyTeal, a language binding for TEAL, is a community project created to make writing Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC) easier. This article summarizes the latest resources available to start building Algorand Smart Contracts in Python.

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