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We are looking for publications that demonstrate building dApps or smart contracts!
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Securities and Permissioned Tokens

This article presents a design of permissioned / securities tokens on Algorand. We will implement company shares using ASA and smart contracts with Algo Builder.


ASA Bidding Application Using PyTeal

Solution that explains a system developed on the Algorand network that does automated bidding for an asset of interest for a predefined period of time. The app is developed using PyTeal and py-algorand-sdk


Flipping a Coin Using Hashing

Two Algorand accounts can bet on the result of a coin flip. Alice flips the coin and records the hashed result, Bob guesses and then Alice reveals the result. Example of commitment scheme.


Decentralized Market Place for NFTs Using Go and Vue

Using contract account and atomic transactions, users can exchange assets in a trustless way, and feel safe as only they have control over their selling.


Getting started with Python Algorand SDK and Django

Step by step guide to the algodjango project presenting some Algorand's blockchain processes with the help of py-algorand-sdk package.


Using Stateful Smart Contract To Create Algorand Standard Asset

Using PyTeal and goal, we use a stateful smart contract linked with an escrow account to create an Algorand Standard Asset.


Use Quick-Algo to Start Running an Algorand Node in Under 1 Minute

Learn the basics to running an Algorand node and use the `quick-algo` shell script to get you up and running with a fully customizable Algorand node in under 1 minute.


Track your ALGO balance on Facebook using Manychat

Demonstrates how to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot and use it to track your ALGO balance.


Style Transfer Service

This solution shows how would be possible to use Algorand as the payment gateway for an Artificial Intelligence Marketplace, implementing an online Style Transfer as the first service.


Channel Manager for NFTs

A Software-as-a-Service based channel manager, connecting marketplaces and users to Algorand blockchain, using combination of intuitive features and simple interfaces.


Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.


Algo Tides - Manage Your Own Wallets with a Graphical Interface

This solution introduces you to "Algo Tides" and describes common techniques in building a graphical interface on Algorand using Python.



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