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We are looking for publications that demonstrate building dApps or smart contracts!
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Algorand on low-power devices based on STM32 MPU

This work and master degree thesis demonstrates how it is possible to use Algorand on two of the most spread low-power IoT devices: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and STM32MP157A-DK1, a discovery kit that is part of STMicroelectronics STM32 family.


Integrate AlgoSigner to JavaScript Application on Algorand

This solution contains several examples of different ways to use the Algorand JavaScript SDK, including sending transactions, creating atomic transfers, and interacting with Smart Contracts.


Building a decentralized vault using stateful smart contracts

Vaults are a security mechanism to prevent cryptocurrency from being immediately withdrawn by forcing its creator to wait a certain wait time after a request has been made, while also giving them the ability to cancel a request that they have not made.


Tic-Tac-Toe dApp

Design and deploy the Tic-Tac-Toe game on the Algorand blockchain. The game logic is implemented as a Stateful Smart Contract using PyTeal while the communication with the network is done using the py-algorand-sdk.


Framework Integration: Exploring Express.js With the Algorand SDK

This guide shows developers how they can use Algorand with Express.js through the js-algorand-sdk. In short, you'll learn how to query transactions, assets, and accounts, and how to apply optional filters to endpoints to enrich the data.


Getting started with Python Algorand SDK and FastAPI

A demo application that shows how to use the Python FastAPI with the Algorand Python SDK. Learn to send transactions, create assets, query for transactions, filter for specific assets, and retrieve asset balances.


Creating a demo wallet using Flask

Flask is a Python framework for quickly creating webapps. In this solution we'll be using Flask and the Algorand SDK to show how to make a demo wallet web application.


Wagering DApp with a serverless Vue + AlgoSigner Frontend

Bet on your favourite team by wagering Algo! Easily interact with smart contracts powered by the Algorand blockchain thanks to a frontend web app using Vue and AlgoSigner.


Build an employee loan arrangement dApp

Build an Employee Loan dApp using Algorand Layer-1 functionalities to manage the loan arrangements between employers, employees and financial authorities.


Securities and Permissioned Tokens

This article presents a design of permissioned / securities tokens on Algorand. We will implement company shares using ASA and smart contracts with Algo Builder.


ASA Bidding Application Using PyTeal

Solution that explains a system developed on the Algorand network that does automated bidding for an asset of interest for a predefined period of time. The app is developed using PyTeal and py-algorand-sdk


Flipping a Coin Using Hashing

Two Algorand accounts can bet on the result of a coin flip. Alice flips the coin and records the hashed result, Bob guesses and then Alice reveals the result. Example of commitment scheme.