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AlgoWorld: A Series of Collectible Digital Trading Cards

AlgoWorld is a series of 1500 digital trading cards representing the 193 countries around the globe.


Payment Prompts with Algorand Mobile Wallet

The Algorand Mobile Wallet provides the ability to use QR codes to create, sign and send transactions. This document provides a brief overview for developers and users.


Introducing TEAL Version 3

This article summarizes all the changes made to TEAL in version 3.


Introducing TypeScript Support for the Algorand JavaScript SDK

TypeScript adds static type checking to JavaScript, improving the programming experience through early error flagging and enhanced code readability. Learn how Algorand’s TypeScript support can improve your development process.


Algo Builder v0.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the new Algo Builder release: v0.5 (renamed from Algorand Builder), which is a combined version of `@algo-builder/algob v0.5.2`, `@algo-builder/types-algosdk v0.2.0` and `@algo-builder/runtime v0.1.1`.


Building NFTs on Algorand

This article summarizes some of the options available to developers when building NFTs on the Algorand Blockchain.


What’s new in AlgoSigner v1.4

The latest AlgoSigner release adds new features WebApp developers and end user will appreciate.


Introducing MyAlgo Connect for DApp Developers

MyAlgo Connect enables WebApp developers to securely connect users to their Algorand DApp. This extension-free web component runs on all browsers to review and sign transactions.


Integrate AlgoSigner Components Into Your DApp Using React

React is one of the most popular JavaScript frontend libraries available. Quickly add AlgoSigner components to interface users with your DApp.


Introducing the Algorand Metrics Dashboard

Explore the Algorand Metrics site which measures the current scale, speed, decentralization, and adoption of the open source Algorand protocol.


Making Development Easier with AlgoDEA IntelliJ Plugin

AlgoDEA IntelliJ plugin provides end to end development life-cycle on Algorand blockchain using IntelliJ IDE. Using this plugin, developers can create and test both stateless and stateful smart contracts directly from their IntelliJ IDE. Some of the other key features supported by this plugin are editor support for TEAL & PyTeal files, ASA management, Atomic Transfers, Test account management. The goal of this plugin is to increase developer productivity by simplifying various interactions with Algorand blockchain. Due to simple consistent development workflow in the IDE, developers can iterate faster during development stage.


Using Assets and Smart Contracts in Real Estate

Blockchain enables disruptive innovation within the real estate industry. This tutorial series explains the basics and creates an NFT to represent a property.

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