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Algorand V2 SDK Asset and Atomic Transfer Examples

As pointed out in last week’s article, Algorand has a new V2 API. This API upgrade was released in conjunction with a new Open API specification for the algod process. This process is responsible for handling the Algorand protocol for a node and provides endpoints for submitting all types of transactions, registering participation keys, reading account data, checking the node status, and many other functions. This new specification allows us to optimize for working with the blockchain data in its low-level format while moving many of the searching and aggregating features to the new Indexer. This upgrade is implemented in all four (Python, JavaScript, Java and Go) SDKs, and provides many improvements for developers, including new transaction builders with optional parameter support, that make managing transactions very simple.

With these updated SDKs, we are currently working through the developer site to update all the samples to illustrate using the new features. Today we are releasing the updated samples for Algorand Assets and Atomic Transfers. The Assets examples cover the process of creating, modifying, sending, freezing, revoking, and destroying an Algorand’s layer 1 Assets. The Atomic Transfer examples provide details on how to combine multiple transactions into one grouped operation where all transactions either pass or fail.

In addition to the revised code, all examples for V1 and V2 of our APIs are being made available on the documentation GitHub site. Additional sections will be released soon so stay tuned.

If you need a few pointers on upgrading to the new version of the API make sure to look at the Migration Guide.

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