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Contribute to the Algorand Community and Earn Rewards

Last week we launched our new Developer Portal, with significant improvements to how developers can learn to use and implement applications on the Algorand blockchain. We redesigned our developer portal and created sections for Tutorials, Solutions, and Articles, which are searchable and can be filtered to give quick and intuitive guides for common tasks. These additional features are just the beginning of many things to come to help developers start, debug, and deploy applications. We are looking for developers to help us expand the content on this site, and the Algorand Foundation is rewarding those who do!

In addition, the Algorand Foundation launched two major programs last week, namely the 250M Algo Grants program and the Developer Ambassador Rewards program. These two programs are in addition to the existing Development Awards Program which is directed at completed projects that help to grow the Algorand ecosystem.

The 250M Algo multi-year Grants Program aims to fund application development, tools and infrastructure, original research, education, and community engagement efforts. These will empower innovation and development and support the growth of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Algorand ecosystem. More details on this exciting program are available on the Algorand Foundation site.

The Developer Ambassador Rewards program (DevAms) was established to reward developers that are passionate about the Algorand community and want to help educate other developers by creating online content. This program will reward developers for creating tutorials, solutions and video content. We are very excited about this opportunity that the Algorand Foundation is offering as it will provide a place to explore the diverse and creative ideas shared by the community and give insights to other developers on how Algorand is being used. If you have an interest in this opportunity read over the program’s details.

Before submitting a Tutorial or Solution, please look over the style guide to submit your contribution.

It is even permissible to submit to the DevAms program, a Tutorial or Solution based on work that you submitted to the Developer Awards program. For example, if you submitted a wallet application to the Development Awards Program, you could write a Solution article that details how you built your wallet. You can then submit this Solution using the submission form. You do not need to wait for the original submission to process through the original program either.

We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are and we look forward to your submissions!

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