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Encode Algorand Club Recap

This month marked the conclusion of the Encode Algorand Club pre-accelerator. Encode Club is a community of students, researchers and hackers at universities worldwide. The Encode Algorand Club took the best projects from Encode and helped them build startups. Many also participated in the Future of Blockchain hackathon from October 2019 to March 2020, in which Algorand was a gold sponsor and one of the most popular platforms.

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The Program

Every week our teams would have a workshop, 1–1 session, and 24/7 technical support to assist their development. What was most important, however, was the camaraderie between the teams. Each team helped the other, provided encouragement, and made the atmosphere a constructive and supportive one. There was also a lively Discord to keep everyone connected. Each team also received a small grant to support their work.

During the Club, the workshop topics would vary from AMAs, design sessions, fundraising advice and technical deep-dives. External speakers included Sean Lee, CEO of the Algorand Foundation (video below), Shai Halevi from the Algorand Foundation, Walter and Ashish from Google talking about Google Cloud, Alberto from Purestake, and Chris, Jay, and Dan from Reach.

The Teams

Slide decks available by clicking each team name below; a complete video presentation follows thereafter.

Algoduino (Ted Nivan) — from France, they created an infrastructure to easily build IoT applications on Algorand.

dAirbnb (Andrea Bracciali, Daniel Broby, Siham Lamssaoui, Cristian Lepore) — from the Universities of Stirling and Strathclyde, a decentralized application for the accommodation rental market.

Footium (Jordan Lord, Patrick Liu, James O’Leary)— built by Bristol graduates and an Oxford student, a football management game built on Algorand.

Isomorph (Daniel Hails) — built by an Imperial student, a 1–1 asset mapping between Algorand and Ethereum.

QVote (Edoardo Pona, Mateusz Bednarski, Oscar Hjelde, Rayhan Beebeejaun)— built by a team of KCL students, a quadratic voting platform for autonomous management in corporations.

Chikaara (Abhimanyu Shekhawat, Manank Patni, Mitrasish Mukherjee, Prashant Maurya) — built by a team of students from Rajasthan Technical University, a decentralized mapping on Algorand as an upgrade of FOAM.

Apodeixi (Sai Medury, Lalith Medury) — built by a pair of brothers from India; one a PhD from the University of Tennessee, the other an undergraduate, a digital credentials management system on Algorand.

Authentium (Phil Talbot, Jarnail Singh)— built by a team from Australia, an innovative delivery ecosystem for global food supply chains.

Eventers (Akshay Kant, Vivek Agarwal, Nishtha Kalra, Vikash Verma) — built by a team led by a Visa employee based out of Oxford, an open protocol ticket marketplace.

Final Presentations Video

Please enjoy the final presentations from all the teams below.

What is next

We hope many of the teams will go on to be full-time startups, raising equity funding or benefiting from the Algorand Grants Program or accelerators.