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Intro to Algorand Studio & Algorand VS Code Extension

In order to provide a better development experience for the Algorand blockchain, Obsidian Labs has released two developer tools: Algorand Studio and Algorand VS Code Extension. These two tools were made possible with a grant from the Algorand Foundation.

Algorand Studio

Algorand Studio is a desktop IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Algorand, supporting both Mac and Linux systems. It can help you complete the entire process of Algorand Smart Contract development. Using Algorand Studio you can

  • Develop Algorand smart contracts in either TEAL or PyTeal with language support and integrated compiler.
  • Install and Run Algorand nodes.
  • Construct transactions with support for most Algorand features, including atomic transfers, multi-sig signing, asset creation and transfer operations, and contract executions.
  • Manage keypairs and sign transactions.
  • Query account and transaction information using the integrated explorer.

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Make sure to take a look at the tutorials to get up to speed on using Algorand Studio.

Algorand VS Code Extension

Algorand VS Code Extension provides Algorand-related support for VS Code. With the extension you will be able to

  • Write TEAL and PyTeal scripts with syntax highlighting and hover information.
  • Compile TEAL and PyTeal scripts.
  • Install and run Algorand nodes.
  • Construct transactions with support for most of Algorand’s features.
  • Sign transactions and push to the network.


To download and learn how to use these tools, please check out their respective GitHub repos (Algorand Studio and Algorand VS Code Extension).