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Introducing Algod Node UI

Created as part of an Algorand internal hackathon project earlier this year, Algod Node UI has now been released. The engineers who built the terminal user interface focused on the information that would be most useful for remote Algorand node management.

With this tool, node runners can see realtime node status including network information, consensus upgrade status when applicable, catchup sync time, and any detailed fast catchup progress.

EditorImages/2022/06/15 17:14/explorer_blocks_view.png

The node UI has a tabular display with these features:

  • A fully interactive block explorer that displays real time block data, where you can drill down into any block to see its transaction details
  • The ability to start a fast catchup with the press of a key under utilities
  • A view of all your accounts with balances and recent transactions
  • Full node configuration viewer

Check out the repo to download the binary for your platform, see our recommended method for running the node UI, and learn more about the architecture:

Bonus! Take a look at the video that won our Fan Favorite award:

Please note that this is not fully supported by Algorand and there are no compatibility guarantees. With that said, we hope you find it helpful and contributions are welcome!