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New Algorand Projects

Several projects have been added on the developer portal in the application section . Also, the API Services and Infrastructure section was updated as well. The Algorand Ecosystem is alive and well!

Here are some new applications:



AlgoDaddy is a free community resource for educational guides and articles covering Algorand and its ecosystem.
Twitter @AlgoDaddyBlog
Email: [email protected]

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Ctrl Alt is a fintech company based in London that makes it simple, transparent and secure for anyone to invest in the previously exclusive world of alternative assets, from property to green energy and with as little as £10. Ctrl Alt is a platform that allows you to invest in fractions of alternative assets. Tokenization enables fractional ownership of real-world assets. Traditional assets, like property, are converted to digital shares residing on the Algorand Blockchain, which makes markets secure, and accessible to a broader range of investors. In this model, users of the Ctrl Alt app can invest in a portion of an asset in smaller amounts. The iOS and Android apps can be downloaded here . See promo video here .
Download the just released a report on Alternative Assets - The New Frontier of Investing. It’s all about breaking down the ins and outs of alternative assets in layman terms, what we’re up to, possibilities, why it will be so fundamental to the way millennials invest etc.

Instagram: @joinctrlalt
LinkedIn: @ctrl-alt
Twitter: @Joinctrlalt
Email: [email protected]



GoPlausible Proof Of Anything Protocol on Algorand Blockchain. Being Token-less, dynamic and completely permission-less as well as many more control dimensions provided by GoPlausible makes it completely unique! Plausible is packed with many features out of the box to help creators, developers , owners and users in general to distribute proofs, tokens and NFTs in a Web 2.5 way! Plausible will use Algorand State Proofs to go multi-chain and will be the first of its kind to do so! A multi-chain Proof of Anything Protocol!

Email: [email protected]
Brand name and trademark: GoPlausible
Protocol name: Plausible
Operational unit name: PLAUS
gitbook: gitbook (user guide)
dApp TestNet:
Linkedin: goplausible
Twitter: @GoPlausible
Email: [email protected]


Project Galapago

Project Galapago is a fully decentralized, non-custodial NFT liquidity protocol that allows users to borrow crypto instantly using their NFTs and crypto as collateral.

Use cases:
- NFT liquidity
- Crypto liquidity
- Real world assets DeFi liquidity
- Wormhole integration of cross-chain liquidity

The problem with your NFT is because it is not whitelisted. With NFT for Galapago protocol, you can go to to mint one that is by default whitelisted by the protocol on TestNet and play with it. MainNet ETA 4th quarter 2023

Email: [email protected]

WOrkout and Research

Workout and Research

Workout and Research $WAR is a revolutionary new token that combines the power of blockchain technology with the world of fitness. It provides access to exclusive deals and discounts on the best fitness products available from Workout and Research, making it easy and accessible for everyone. With $WAR, you will be supporting fitness communities and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to join our community and become a part of the future of fitness. Currently, they are having a contest for members of their community to receive a small token appreciation reward in our WAR token for submitting that you have completed the dev portal challenges and submit their entry to the giveaways channel on their Discord, details here .




XBallot is an innovative DAO management solution that seamlessly blends governance and community forum in a single on-chain platform. XBallot harnesses the speed, power, and performance of Algorand to deliver DAO management, social feeds, treasury tools, and account registrar in a single on-chain platform. Innovative features like XBallot’s platform wallet reduce onboarding friction by orders of magnitude, simplifying account creation for Web3 natives and the borderless global ecosystem. Note: The platform is in early MainNet launch and full documentation is coming soon as well as a discord server.

Twitter: @xballot_