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Atomic Transaction Rookie

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Atomic Transaction Rookie

Atomic Transaction Rookie Challenge Badge NFT

Atomic Transaction Rookie

Create a basic Atomic Transaction


In this task you'll be constructing an Atomic Group of transactions.
An Atomic Group of transactions is one that requires all transactions in the group to succeed or none of them do. This is a simple but powerful concept.

An Atomic Group is created by associating individual transactions with a common group id. The group id is computed from a hash of all the transactions in the group and up to 16 transactions may be grouped atomically.

The AtomicTransactionComposer in the SDKs makes this simple by allowing you to add transactions to some group and execute them all in one call.

Prepare for the challenge

Specifically, in the documentation linked above, you'll want to familiarize yourself with atomic group transactions and how to use the AtomicTransactionComposer to build and execute a group of transactions.

You will complete the challenge with our partner Replit in a new tab. Fork the Replit using the 'Fork Replit' button in the righthand corner to begin. If this is your first challenge, you will need to create a Replit account before forking the challenge code.

In this challenge, you need to:

  • Create an AtomicTransactionComposer instance
  • Add 2 Transactions to the AtomicTransactionComposer
  • Execute the transaction group

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