Community Projects

Below is a categorized list of projects that are using the Algorand blockchain and provide extended functionality for the community. These projects are primarily written by community members that are looking to expand the Algorand ecosystem. If you wish to help with one of these projects, connect with the individual teams!

If you have a project you want featured on the community site, reach out to us!

Developer Forums

Name Description
Developer Forums
Algorand Developer Forums. Need help implementing a solution on Algorand? Want to provide feedback? Want to connect with other Algorand developers? Check out Algorand’s developer forums!
Algorand Developer Discord channel. Want to connect with other Algorand developers, as several members already have? Join Algorand Developer Discord today!

Block Explorers

Name Description
GoalSeeker makes it easier than ever to view critical network statistics, browse recently created blocks, search for transactions and accounts in previous blocks, and review activity related to Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). This Block Explorer is maintained by PureStake.
Algo Explorer
Algoexplorer allows you to explore and search the Algorand blockchain for transactions, addresses and assets. It also provides historical data, statistics, the staking rewards program and other activities taking place on Algorand. Created by Rand Labs.
Un'Economia, Italian for one economy, is a monitoring and analytics platform for the Algorand network which provides a top-level view of network data and activity. This platform is developed and managed by Cartan Group

Monitoring & Analytics

Name Description
AlertHub enables monitoring and real-time alerting on Algorand addresses so that users can maintain the health of their accounts and the overall Algorand network. Subscribe to get notifications on account events like consensus participation, key expiration, and transactions.
HowBigIsAlgorand is a real-time dashboard tool designed to inform users interested in spinning up their own archival nodes about the disk space requirement for a given Algorand Blockchain.


Name Description
Aikon ORE
A universal authentication & authorization platform for blockchain. Works on web, mobile and legacy applications. Dev Portal Tutorial here
AlgoSigner Build DeFi Applications on Algorand. Purestake’s AlgoSigner is an Algorand wallet extension for Chrome that lets users approve and sign transactions that are generated by Algorand applications. By integrating AlgoSigner into your decentralized application, you can request to connect to a visitor’s wallet, send transactions for their signature, and transmit signed transactions to the Algorand TestNet or MainNet — all without needing to handle keys or secrets. With AlgoSigner, it’s easier than ever to integrate ALGOs into your DeFi application for payment, investing, or swapping assets. Install extension at: Chrome Web Store. Analogous to MetaMask.
My Algo
My Algo provides a non-custodial interface to interact with the Algorand Blockchain. Created by Rand Labs

API Services

Name Description
PureStake API Service
PureStake's API service makes it easy to quickly get up-and-running on the Algorand network. The service builds upon PureStake’s existing infrastructure platform to provide developers with easy-to-use access to native Algorand REST APIs.
Rand Labs API Service
API Services from Rand Labs. API Endpoint for Algod Operations and AlgoExplorer API. Click on the Developer API tab to see the endpoints and Base URL info.


Name Description
This libary is built with C# and provides Algorand 2.0 features and is compliant with .NET Standard 2.0.
SDK for the Internet of Things. A simple easy to use API client implementation in C++ to interact with the Algorand Blockchain.
Dart SDK
SDK for Dart to interact with the Algorand Blockchain. This SDK can be used to create Flutter apps.
Rust SDK
RUST implementation of Algorand's REST API.

API Wrappers

Name Description
Simple Algo
Simple Algo is an npm package that supports JavaScript and TypeScript. The package allows a user to interact with the Algorand protocol using standalone functions and API calls for account and blockchain information.

Algorand IDE's

Name Description
Build. Test. Execute. Algodesk provides open-source and developer-friendly tools to build decentralized apps and smart contracts on Algorand network. One can quickly create ASA and compile ASC1 without installing anything.
Algorand Studio
Algorand Studio - Online IDE, quickly create ASA and compile ASC1 without installing anything. Use the IDE to develop Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1) for the Algorand Blockchain. It includes TEAL code editor and compiler, PyTeal integration, Algorand node, keypair manager, and block explorer. The IDE can also help to construct Algorand transactions, including atomic transfers, multi-sig transactions, Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) creation/transfer/destroy, and direct and delegated contract executions. By Obsidian Labs.
algoDEA Algorand IntelliJ Plugin provides end to end development life-cycle on Algorand blockchain using IntelliJ IDE. Using this plugin, developers can create and test both stateless and stateful smart contracts directly from their IntelliJ IDE. It also provides other features like ASA management, Transactions, Test account management etc. GitHub:
Algorand IDE Playground
Explorer and Smart Contract IDE
Algorand VS Code Extension
Support for Algorand in VS Code by Obsidian Labs

Development Tools

Name Description
Algo Tides
This Python application is a graphic interface for the user who owns or have access to an Algorand node and would like to issue operations through a GUI rather than CLI. (i.e.: manage wallets and addresses, send transactions, save a contact list)
Algorand Sandbox.
vim TEAL plugin
Syntax highlighting for TEAL scripts within vim.

Smart Contract Utilities and Libraries

Name Description
MessagePack Debugger
View and compare messagepack encoded objects.
PyTeal is a Python language binding program for ASC1. PyTeal allows developer to express TEAL-based smart contract logic using Python. This dev tool abstracts TEAL and does type-checking at contraction time.
Write complex smart contracts in a JS-like language. Currently does not target MainNet / TestNet, but you can already test locally with ease. See blog update here.
sTEAL is a tool written in (Racket) Scheme to help developers write TEAL templates and contracts. sTEAL allows developers to write an expression tree in Racket to represent a TEAL program. It then prints that tree into TEAL assembly. sTEAL supports a few rudimentary quality-of-life features, including variable-length arguments and templating.
C-like high-level language for ASC-1 with type safety, functions and packages/imports. The compiler generates TEAL or binary without using the goal clerk compiler.
tealviewer is a graphical tool for understanding how transaction parameters are checked by a given TEAL program.

Framework Components

Name Description
Provides open source community projects for the Algorand ecosystem. Repositories include: Vue components & validation of fields for Algorand JavaScript SDK
Algorand Builder
CLI framework to automate development of Algorand Assets and Smart Contracts. Algorand builder is a trustworthy framework for Algorand dapps (Decentralized Applications). Its main goal is to make shipping Algorand applications simple, efficient, and scalable. Think about it as a Truffle suite for Algorand.
A set of reusable functional React components for creating and signing transactions, writing to the note field of a transaction, multisig transactions, offline account generation and mnemonic account recover. This tool acts a wrapper to the Algorand JavaScript SDK.
React-Alogrand is an npm package that allows a user to create simple wallet applications for pay transactions, scheduled transactions, interactive UI with rendered metadata for processing transactions and can be configured for both MainNet and TestNet.


Name Description
AA Notarization
Documents can be any type of digital file (MSOffice docs, texts, images, videos, pdf, xml, …). Any document stored in Alfresco can be notarized, manually (with a single click) or in a batch process. It’s also possible to check if a previously notarized document is still valid (i.e.: it has not been modified after the notarization). On the technical side, this extension computes the hash (sha256) of a document stored in Alfresco, builds a json object with the hash and other related metadata and creates a transaction in the Algorand blockchain. The json object is stored in the note field of the transaction and a new set of metadata related to that transaction (document hash, block id, transaction id, transaction time, account address) is associated with the document in Alfresco.
AlgoNim is a very simple mathematical game of strategy for two players. It is cryptographic version of Nim that runs on Algorand Layer 1, directly on the Pure Proof of Stake consensus protocol, so nobody can cheat. The game implementation takes advantage of all the features introduced in Algorand 2.0 protocol: Algorand Standard Assets (ASA), Atomic Transfers (AT) and Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1) using Algorand Python SDK + PyTeal. PyTeal is a binding for TEAL, the stateless bytecode stack-based language for ASC1, in this sense AlgoNim is a truly stateless game.
TrackAlgo is a proof of concept materials tracking application that leverages the "note" field of a payment transaction to store metadata about an item, including things like coordinates and temperature. This showcases how an IoT application would be used in conjunction with the Algorand blockchain.
Tree Certificates
A significant problem with forest conservation and tree planting efforts is that there is currently no way to guarantee that a conserved forest or tree planted would continue to be in existence at some future time. Yet, credit is given at the time of tree planting or when a forest conservation action is taken. This sets up a perverse incentive for a tree planter to make no effort to conserve trees after payment has been received.