Community Projects

Below is a categorized list of projects that are using the Algorand blockchain and provide extended functionality for the community. These projects are primarily written by community members that are looking to expand the Algorand ecosystem. If you wish to help with one of these projects, connect with the individual teams!

If you have a project you want featured on the community site, reach out to us!

Developer Forums

Name Description
Developer Forums
Algorand Developer Forums. Need help implementing a solution on Algorand? Want to provide feedback? Want to connect with other Algorand developers? Check out Algorand’s developer forums!

Block Explorers

Name Description
GoalSeeker makes it easier than ever to view critical network statistics, browse recently created blocks, search for transactions and accounts in previous blocks, and review activity related to Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). This Block Explorer is maintained by PureStake.
Algo Explorer
Algoexplorer allows you to explore and search the Algorand blockchain for transactions, addresses and assets. It also provides historical data, statistics, the staking rewards program and other activities taking place on Algorand. Created by Rand Labs.


Name Description
My Algo
My Algo provides a non-custodial interface to interact with the Algorand Blockchain. Created by Rand Labs

API Services

Name Description
PureStake API Service
PureStake's API service makes it easy to quickly get up-and-running on the Algorand network. The service builds upon PureStake’s existing infrastructure platform to provide developers with easy-to-use access to native Algorand REST APIs.


Name Description
Rust SDK
RUST implementation of Algorand's REST API.
This libary is built with C# and provides Algorand 2.0 features and is compliant with .NET Standard 2.0.

API Wrappers

Name Description
Simple Algo
Simple Algo is an npm package that supports JavaScript and TypeScript. The package allows a user to interact with the Algorand protocol using standalone functions and API calls for account and blockchain information.

Smart Contract Utilities and Libraries

Name Description
PyTeal is a Python language binding program for ASC1. PyTeal allows developer to express TEAL-based smart contract logic using Python. This dev tool abstracts TEAL and does type-checking at contraction time.
sTEAL is a tool written in (Racket) Scheme to help developers write TEAL templates and contracts. sTEAL allows developers to write an expression tree in Racket to represent a TEAL program. It then prints that tree into TEAL assembly. sTEAL supports a few rudimentary quality-of-life features, including variable-length arguments and templating.
tealviewer is a graphical tool for understanding how transaction parameters are checked by a given TEAL program.
MessagePack Debugger
View and compare messagepack encoded objects.
C-like high-level language for ASC-1 with type safety, functions and packages/imports. The compiler generates TEAL or binary without using the goal clerk compiler.

Framework Components

Name Description
React-Alogrand is an npm package that allows a user to create simple wallet applications for pay transactions, scheduled transactions, interactive UI with rendered metadata for processing transactions and can be configured for both mainnet and testnet.
A set of reusable functional React components for creating and signing transactions, writing to the notefield of a transaction, multisig transactions, offline account generation and mnemonic account recover. This tool acts a wrapper to the Algorand JavaScript SDK.


Name Description
TrackAlgo is a proof of concept materials tracking application that leverages the "note" field of a payment transaction to store metadata about an item, including things like coordinates and temperature. This showcases how an IoT application would be used in conjunction with the Algorand blockchain.