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All Things Open

A technology conference focusing on the tools, processes, and people making open source possible.

Raleigh, NC USA

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This event has ended.

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Since 2013, developers and programmers have been the most common attendee at ATO, so we make an honest effort to feature speakers and topics we feel are world-class and full of education and value.
The Developer 1 track in 2023 is full of fantastic people we feel fit that description perfectly. This track will take place in Ballroom B of the Raleigh Convention Center and is one of the tracks that will be live streamed.

The conference will take place in downtown Raleigh, NC at the worldclass Convention Center. As one of the three corners of the Research

Triangle Region, Raleigh is home to tech companies like Red Hat, Citrix, Bandwidth, and many others.

The Research Triangle Park, the nation’s largest and most prestigious R&D business park, is only a short drive away. Prominent Fortune 100 multinational operations, university spin-outs, and start-up businesses in more than a dozen pioneering industries, including biotechnology, information technology, and clean technologies, all call RTP home.

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