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    “Alexa, ask Algorand for the latest round on MainNet?”

    Sample code for how to transform a few basic interactions with the Algorand blockchain into a voice-interactive experience using Alexa.

    Liz Baran
    Liz Baran Algorand
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    print("Algokit v2, happy technology")

    With AlgoKit 2.0 we are bringing native Python to blockchain development, giving the millions of Python developers an easy onramp to the world of decentralized computing.

    Alessandro Cappellato Ferrari
    Alessandro Cappellato Ferrari Algorand
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    Beginner · 15 minutes or less
    Golang icon

    Monitoring Account Activity with AlertHub

    This tutorial will walkthrough how to get started with AlertHub to enable real-time monitoring of status and activity on your account.

    Alex Nathan
    Alex Nathan Metrika
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    Intermediate · 1 hour
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    Integrating ALGO and ASA transfers within your application

    Learn how to integrate your application with Algo or ASA by walking through code examples.

    Alex Bakoushin
    Alex Bakoushin Web3
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    Introducing MyAlgo Connect for DApp Developers

    MyAlgo Connect enables WebApp developers to securely connect users to their Algorand DApp. This extension-free web component runs on all browsers to review and sign transactions.

    Alex Yammine
    Alex Yammine Rand Labs