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transaction gateway

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    Creating a Point-of-Sale Application with the Algorand Blockchain

    We show how to use Algorand’s blockchain to create an alternative payment solution for processing retail transactions. The solution demonstrates a point-of-sale application and a signing wallet.

    Eric Gieseke
    Eric Gieseke Algorand
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    Creating a CrowdFunding Application with the Algorand Blockchain

    This solutions article describes the implementation of a next-generation crowdfunding Application using the Algorand Blockchain.

    Eric Gieseke
    Eric Gieseke Algorand
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    Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

    This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.

    Nitya Timalsina
    Nitya Timalsina One Step Projects / Harvard
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    Decentralized Two-Factor Authentication With Algorand Standard Assets

    Sample code for creating a basic two-factor authentication system with Algorand Standard Assets.

    Matt Worzala
    Matt Worzala Developer Ambassador
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    Style Transfer Service

    This solution shows how would be possible to use Algorand as the payment gateway for an Artificial Intelligence Marketplace, implementing an online Style Transfer as the first service.

    NonSense Coder
    NonSense Coder
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    Smart sensor demo unit with Algorand data notarization: leveraging AlgoIoT library by GT50

    Enrico Speranza
    Enrico Speranza GT50 S.r.l.
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    Beginner · 30 minutes
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    Algorand BSN Portal - Getting Started

    “Participating in the BSN International provides a cost effective and stable infrastructure for developers and enterprises to build on Algorand." - Fangfang Chen, Chief Operating Officer at Algorand Foundation

    KC Tam
    KC Tam Developer Ambassador
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    Securely share files on Algorand with IPFS

    Algorand-IPFS integrations allows decentralized applications access to secure digital content.

    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla
    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla Developer Ambassador