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    Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

    This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.

    Nitya Timalsina
    Nitya Timalsina One Step Projects / Harvard
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    Beginner · 1 hour
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    Create and test smart contracts using Python

    Create two smart contracts using Python Algorand SDK and PyTeal, then test their implementation using pytest.

    Ivica Paleka
    Ivica Paleka
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    Algo Builder v0.5 Released

    We are pleased to announce the new Algo Builder release: v0.5 (renamed from Algorand Builder), which is a combined version of `@algo-builder/algob v0.5.2`, `@algo-builder/types-algosdk v0.2.0` and `@algo-builder/runtime v0.1.1`.

    Robert Zaremba
    Robert Zaremba Algorand Builder