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Algorand Microsoft Developer Tools Rock!

It’s all about the tools!

First, Algokit will get your development environment setup quickly with a localnet node, so you can easily run many of the examples that are shown in this blog post. See this 10 minute video to install Algokit on your Windows machine.

The Algorand Ecosystem has several tools for .NET developers. In fact, it has never been easier to develop blockchain solutions. Algorand facilitates .NET solution development with these tools:

1) Algorand for Visual Studio Extension
3) Unity SDK Asset Store
4) Unreal SDK
5) Visual C++ SDK

I am very excited to attend Microsoft’s premier developer event this year, Build. If you are attending let me know on twitter @russfustino

Also, if you have a .NET solution using any of the Algorand Microsoft SDKs, please tweet about it using @Algodevs and #AlgorandDevTools.

1) Algorand for Visual Studio Extension

Smart contracts can be written in C# and this Visual Studio Marketplace Extension which provides a real time compilation to TEAL the Transaction Execution Approval Language. TEAL is an assembly language designed for performance and scalability on the blockchain. Once the contact is written in C# it can be deployed to the blockchain. The docs on getting started are here .

The extension also facilitates creation of Web, Maui, and Console solutions with File/New Algorand templates. See Figure 1 below for templates which already have “Hello World” code for deploying and using smart contracts.

Algorand for VS

Figure 1 File / New Templates

Here is a great playlist to get started with the Algorand for VS Extension .


The Algorand for Visual Studio Extension uses the .NET SDK. Docs are here .
Also see several examples on the .NET SDK repo.

Samples include:

Accounts, Assets, Atomic Transfer, Indexer, Multisig, Rekey, Smart Contracts, Boxes and more

3) Unity SDK
The Unity SDK is a Unity Verified Solution and is featured on the decentralized landing page in the asset store. The Unity Algorand SDK has examples making it very easy to use the “building blocks” of a blockchain game solution. The docs are here.

Samples include:

Transactions, Wallet Integration, Fungible tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens, Smart Contracts and more!


Atomic Composer and Boxes

The GitHub repo has more example code as well.

These solutions were built with Unity in a recent hackathon: Cosmic Champs, Gunny, Gushi and Fracctal .

The following games written in Unity are in production using MainNet:
Cosmic Champs
Fracctal Monsters
DRL Game

4) Unreal SDK

This SDK is the official Unreal Engine plugin for Algorand Blockchain Platform.
This plugin provides the functionality for building different types of blockchain transactions and managing wallets on the Algorand blockchain. For in depth documentation on the overview, setup and usage of this plugin check the docs here .

Examples include:

Transactions, Get Account Balance


Create Fungible tokens and NFT Viewer that supports Arc 3, Arc 69 and Arc 19

In next three months:

WalletConnect, Smart contract ABI example, Game integration example, Atomic Composer and Boxes

A Sample app is in the works by Shosha This SDK uses the Visual C++ SDK .

5) Visual C++ SDK
This SDK is used in the Unreal SDK.

Currently supported:

Transactions and Account Balance lookup.

Coming soon:

Create Fungible tokens and NFT Viewer that supports Arc 3, Arc 69 and Arc 19

Over the next three months:

WalletConnect, Smart contract ABI example, Atomic Composer and Boxes

Algorand Developer Videos


For those new to the The Algorand Blockchain, it is a fantastic Developer Platform which includes:

  • 6000+ TPS
  • 24/7 availability
  • Zero downtime in 4 years.
  • <3.5 global block transaction times with in-block transaction finality
  • Carbon Negative
  • Very low 1/20 cent transaction fee
  • Pure Proof Of Stake consensus: DOS attacks not possible due to proposers not known ahead of time

Azure related Solutions/Tutorials from the community:

Deploying Sandbox to a Linux VM in Azure
Run Algorand Indexer on Azure with Azure CLI
Run Algorand Indexer using Azure Portal
Create a Node on Azure & Sign Transactions with Azure Key Vault and Python
Creating an Algorand Node on Microsoft Azure
Using Azure Key Vault for Wallet Transactions using JavaScript

Happy coding!

Here is a Linktree for Algorand Microsoft Dev Tools :

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