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Getting Started with ORE ID

Getting started on Algorand is now made simpler with ORE ID. ORE ID is a user onboarding and account management service that helps you create accounts and helps facilitate transactions for your users, all done with JS.

Here are three things you can do to help you get started using ORE ID

  1. Check out the Algorand React Sample App for ORE ID
  2. Follow the step-by-step integration tutorials
  3. Read the API documentation and get in touch

Check out the Algorand React sample app for ORE ID

ORE ID has a simple ReactJS based sample app that you can pull down and run locally on your machine. This is a great way to jump into the code and see what’s required to integrate the most common features including creating accounts and creating transactions.

You will also be able to test logging in and signing transactions using the app. Accounts created and transactions signed can be seen on the Algorand TestNet.

Learn more about running the ORE ID Sample App.

Follow step-by-step tutorials to help you setup the basic functionality for your app

  1. How to run the ORE ID Sample App
  2. Creating your first ORE ID Application
  3. Test your Algorand ORE ID Integration

Read the API documentation and get in touch

For those curious and for future reference, you can find the ORE ID documentation repo here.

You can also view our Postman API documentation here:

Also, for any other questions regarding ORE ID, please feel free to join the AIKON Developers Telegram group and AIKON will be happy to chat with you!