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Intermediate · 1 hour

Participate in Consensus from Ledger Nano S/X

In this tutorial, we show how to participate in consensus from an account stored in a Ledger Nano S or X. By participating in consensus, you help decentralize the network.

your own node

ledger nano

ledger nano x

ledger nano s


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Beginner · 30 minutes

Create A Private Network

This tutorial walks through creating and running a private network that can be used to test your application.


private network


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Building on Algorand: Developer Week 2020 Hackathon, Recap and Code

Over 600 attendees participated recently at the Algorand Sponsored Developer Week 2020 in San Francisco...

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Getting Started on Algorand

In this article, we are going to cover some of the basics of where to start, what tutorials are available, options for setting up your development environment, and how you can be rewarded for developing applications on the Algorand blockchain.

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Using a Smart Contract for Advanced Approvals: Hierarchical Thresholds

Design and implement an escrow contract account using hierarchical threshold approvals to secure the corporate treasury.

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Exporting Algorand Transactions for Tax Reporting

Export tool for exporting Algorand on-chain transactions including rewards for crypto-tax sites to consume.





v2 api


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Example Permissionless Voting Stateful Smart Contract Application

This solution explains one way to build a permissionless voting application on the Algorand Blockchain.

smart contracts

stateful smart contracts



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Intermediate · 1 hour

Hybrid Online / Offline Shared Management of Community ASA through Multisig Account

In this tutorial you will learn how to share the management of a “Community Membership ASA” among the Community Board members with a Multisignature Account using a hybrid Online / Offline approach





offline authorization


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How to Write Smart Contracts

This article summarizes the three primary ways you can build Algorand Smart Contracts.

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Algorand Smart Contract Layer1 (ASC1) and Oracles

At the end of 2019, Algorand released in record time the Algorand Smart Contract Layer1 (ASC1), a new paradigm shift for smart contracts. The first part of this article goes through our understanding of ASC1. The second part addresses oracle data in ASC1 showing a way to insert signed data from the outside world with a small example.

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Algorand V2 SDK Asset and Atomic Transfer Examples

New Algorand SDK V2 examples for Assets and Atomic Transfers

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TEAL ALGO Oracle in Algorand Layer-1

In a blockchain, the ability to reference a price on-chain enables a seamless and trustless transaction environment, especially for automated transactions and smart contracts. Oracles are the entities in charge of broadcasting off-chain data such as market price to the blockchain, and serve as a source of truth that allows on-chain dApps to measure the value of assets referenced within a transaction. Rand Labs and Borderless Capital releases a Algorand Oracle that can be referenced in atomic transfers using TEAL stateful and stateless smart contracts.

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SDK Updates: Deploying Stateful Smart Contracts

Guided tour of SDK documentation focusing on stateful smart contract application development. Links to resources covering the basics thru building complete solutions.