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    Introducing Sandbox: The quick way to get started on Algorand

    Sandbox makes the process of node creation and configuration seamless with several helpful commands for containerization and process management. It is simply a quick and easy way to create and configure an Algorand node using Docker.

    Sam Abbassi
    Sam Abbassi
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    TEAL ALGO Oracle in Algorand Layer-1

    In a blockchain, the ability to reference a price on-chain enables a seamless and trustless transaction environment, especially for automated transactions and smart contracts. Oracles are the entities in charge of broadcasting off-chain data such as market price to the blockchain, and serve as a source of truth that allows on-chain dApps to measure the value of assets referenced within a transaction. Rand Labs and Borderless Capital releases a Algorand Oracle that can be referenced in atomic transfers using TEAL stateful and stateless smart contracts.

    Pablo Yabo
    Pablo Yabo Rand Labs
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    Connecting WebApps using AlgoSigner

    This article highlights the AlgoSigner Chrome plugin and how it can be used to handle private keys and secret mnemonics without developers having to worry about them.

    Ryan R. Fox
    Ryan R. Fox Algorand
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    Introducing MyAlgo Connect for DApp Developers

    MyAlgo Connect enables WebApp developers to securely connect users to their Algorand DApp. This extension-free web component runs on all browsers to review and sign transactions.

    Alex Yammine
    Alex Yammine Rand Labs