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Example Permissionless Voting Stateful Smart Contract Application

This solution explains one way to build a permissionless voting application on the Algorand Blockchain.

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TEAL ALGO Oracle in Algorand Layer-1

In a blockchain, the ability to reference a price on-chain enables a seamless and trustless transaction environment, especially for automated transactions and smart contracts. Oracles are the entities in charge of broadcasting off-chain data such as market price to the blockchain, and serve as a source of truth that allows on-chain dApps to measure the value of assets referenced within a transaction. Rand Labs and Borderless Capital releases a Algorand Oracle that can be referenced in atomic transfers using TEAL stateful and stateless smart contracts.

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SDK Updates: Deploying Stateful Smart Contracts

Guided tour of SDK documentation focusing on stateful smart contract application development. Links to resources covering the basics thru building complete solutions.