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    Securities and Permissioned Tokens

    This article presents a design of permissioned / securities tokens on Algorand. We will implement company shares using ASA and smart contracts with Algo Builder.

    Robert Zaremba
    Robert Zaremba Algorand Builder
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    Decentralized Two-Factor Authentication With Algorand Standard Assets

    Sample code for creating a basic two-factor authentication system with Algorand Standard Assets.

    Matt Worzala
    Matt Worzala Developer Ambassador
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    Securely share files on Algorand with IPFS

    Algorand-IPFS integrations allows decentralized applications access to secure digital content.

    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla
    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla Developer Ambassador
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    Intermediate · 1 hour
    goal icon

    Development on Algorand using Raspberry Pi - Part 2

    The tutorial aims at developers who have their node on a Raspberry Pi and want to build on top. It is the third tutorial of a series of tutorials focused on the development on a Raspberry Pi. A video guides the configuration steps.F

    Filip Rezabek
    Filip Rezabek Algorand Ambassador
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    Algorand Asset Management Portal

    Application with intuitive user interface where a user can seamlessly create, configure, destroy, freeze and unfreeze the assets for an account on the Algorand blockchain.

    Shiva Prasad Manupadi
    Shiva Prasad Manupadi Developer Ambassador
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    Arduino on Algorand Blockchain

    Sample code to connect any Arduino to the Algorand Blockchain.

    Ted Nivan
    Ted Nivan Developer Ambassador
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    AlgoNim is the first Algorand game incorporating all the features introduced in Algorand 2.0: Algorand Standard Assets (ASA), Atomic Transfers (AT) and Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1).

    Cosimo Bassi
    Cosimo Bassi Algorand
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    Algo Tides - Manage Your Own Wallets with a Graphical Interface

    This solution introduces you to "Algo Tides" and describes common techniques in building a graphical interface on Algorand using Python.

    Giorgio Ciotti
    Giorgio Ciotti Developer Ambassador
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    AlgorandTipBot on Telegram - Send ALGO to any @username

    The AlgorandTipBot enables Telegram users to send tips (small amounts of ALGO) to other users of the messaging app.

    Maksim Artemyev
    Maksim Artemyev Developer Ambassador
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    Fractional Auction Listing for Real Estate Investing

    Deploy a Fractional Auction Listing Application using smart contracts and atomic transfers to allow investors to purchase fractional ownership of real estate.

    Vincenzo Alaia
    Vincenzo Alaia Domain
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    ALGO Payment Plugin for Shopware 6 eCommerce

    Accept payments to your Shopware 6 webshop from the Algorand network. This Shopware plugin, written in server-side PHP, takes care of accepting Algorand payments using the free AlgoExplorer API.

    Rune Laenen
    Rune Laenen
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    Channel Manager for NFTs

    A Software-as-a-Service based channel manager, connecting marketplaces and users to Algorand blockchain, using combination of intuitive features and simple interfaces.

    Akshay Kant
    Akshay Kant
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    Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

    This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.

    Nitya Timalsina
    Nitya Timalsina One Step Projects / Harvard
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    Algorand on low-power devices based on STM32 MPU

    This work and master degree thesis demonstrates how it is possible to use Algorand on two of the most spread low-power IoT devices: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and STM32MP157A-DK1, a discovery kit that is part of STMicroelectronics STM32 family.

    Salvatore Corvaglia
    Salvatore Corvaglia Developer Ambassador
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    Using Stateful Smart Contract To Create Algorand Standard Asset

    Using PyTeal and goal, we use a stateful smart contract linked with an escrow account to create an Algorand Standard Asset.

    Gidon Katten
    Gidon Katten
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    Integrate AlgoSigner to JavaScript Application on Algorand

    This solution contains several examples of different ways to use the Algorand JavaScript SDK, including sending transactions, creating atomic transfers, and interacting with Smart Contracts.

    JW Dixon
    JW Dixon
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    Getting started with Python Algorand SDK and Django

    Step by step guide to the algodjango project presenting some Algorand's blockchain processes with the help of py-algorand-sdk package.

    Ivica Paleka
    Ivica Paleka
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    Build an employee loan arrangement dApp

    Build an Employee Loan dApp using Algorand Layer-1 functionalities to manage the loan arrangements between employers, employees and financial authorities.

    Stefano De Angelis
    Stefano De Angelis University of Southampton
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