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    Algo Tides - Manage Your Own Wallets with a Graphical Interface

    This solution introduces you to "Algo Tides" and describes common techniques in building a graphical interface on Algorand using Python.

    Giorgio Ciotti
    Giorgio Ciotti Developer Ambassador
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    Beginner · 30 minutes
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    Algorand Studio | Tutorial 1: Basic Features

    Set up your local machine for Algorand development using Algorand Studio, includes a walk through its basic features.

    Phil Li
    Phil Li Obsidian Labs
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    Hello Beaker

    Introducing a framework for Smart Contract development on Algorand

    Ben Guidarelli
    Ben Guidarelli Algorand
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    “Alexa, ask Algorand for the latest round on MainNet?”

    Sample code for how to transform a few basic interactions with the Algorand blockchain into a voice-interactive experience using Alexa.

    Liz Baran
    Liz Baran Algorand
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    Exporting Algorand Transactions for Tax Reporting

    Export tool for exporting Algorand on-chain transactions including rewards for crypto-tax sites to consume.

    Patrick Bennett
    Patrick Bennett Developer Ambassador
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    Example Digital Exchange Smart Contract Application

    This solution presents a very simple DEX application using stateless and stateful smart contracts. It allows users to place limit orders that are fulfilled at a later time by another party.

    Jason Weathersby
    Jason Weathersby Algorand
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    Ecommerce Payments Using PHP/Javascript

    Allow users to pay for online goods using Algorand assets at the checkout terminal.

    Blaise Bayuo
    Blaise Bayuo Developer Ambassador
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    Assets and Custom Transfer Logic

    This solution illustrates enforcing a call to a smart contract while transferring an Asset (ASA).

    Jason Weathersby
    Jason Weathersby Algorand
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    Building Mobile Apps Using React-Native-Algo Library

    The react-native-algo library provides mobile developers easy access to the java-algorand-sdk while building an android app in react-native.

    Jesulonimi Akingbesote
    Jesulonimi Akingbesote Medflit
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    ASA Recurring Withdrawal DApp

    Build an ASA's recurring withdrawal dApp combining Algorand Standard Assets, Algorand Smart Contracts and Atomic Transfers.

    Cosimo Bassi
    Cosimo Bassi Algorand
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    PLC interacting with Algorand Blockchain

    Industrial computers (PLCs) are widespread today. Connecting them to Algorand opens key areas of Industry 4.0

    Thomas Benninger
    Thomas Benninger Developer Ambassador
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    Block'n'Poll - Blockchain polling web application

    Block'n'Poll is a blockchain polling web application that allows users to easily create permissionless polls and vote on Algorand blockchain.

    Fabio Fiorella
    Fabio Fiorella Developer Ambassador
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    Creating Algorand Wallet Application with PHP Algorand SDK

    This solutions describes how to use and create a Wallet Application (WebApp GUI) with the new PHP Algorand SDK (native).

    Felipe Vieira
    Felipe Vieira Developer Ambassador
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    Create a Cross-Platform Wallet with Flutter and Dart SDK

    Use Flutter 2 to create production-ready cross-platform Algorand applications and export them to mobile, web and desktop.

    Tomas Verhelst
    Tomas Verhelst RootSoft
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    Fractional Auction Listing for Real Estate Investing

    Deploy a Fractional Auction Listing Application using smart contracts and atomic transfers to allow investors to purchase fractional ownership of real estate.

    Vincenzo Alaia
    Vincenzo Alaia Domain
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    Build and deploy Non-Fungible Tokens with Laravel & IPFS

    Build a complete dApp with NFTs with data stored IPFS distributed file system using the PHP framework and Laravel.

    Tomas Verhelst
    Tomas Verhelst RootSoft
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    Style Transfer Service

    This solution shows how would be possible to use Algorand as the payment gateway for an Artificial Intelligence Marketplace, implementing an online Style Transfer as the first service.

    NonSense Coder
    NonSense Coder
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    Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

    This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.

    Nitya Timalsina
    Nitya Timalsina One Step Projects / Harvard
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