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An Overview of the Best Algorand Developer Resources

Learning about Algorand development can be overwhelming at first. Therefore, it’s important to know where to find the best resource to speed up your learning journey. This blog post serves as a curated list of the best resources for Algorand developers.

Where to start?

The best place to learn about the Algorand protocol and its key features is the Algorand developer documentation. The developer docs form the basis for developers wishing to learn more about Algorand development, its features, languages, and the Algorand node itself. You can also look at the AlgoAcademy to start your learning journey.

Key concepts include:

Other key pieces include setting up your development environment and which smart contract language you want to use, PyTeal or Reach.

Want to learn more about smart contract development?

To build a DApp on the Algorand network, you need to understand smart contract development. The developer docs are a great starting point, but what better way to learn about a language than building demo use cases?

PyTeal Smart Contract Development

To learn more about PyTeal smart contract development, the Algorand developer relations team has built out a repository full of PyTeal smart contract development examples.

Besides that, the devrel repository holds examples of implementing a React frontend to interact with your DApp on the Algorand network or adding wallet support via AlgoSigner or WalletConnect (standard).

Other than that, the Algorand Developer Portal hosts a multitude of tutorials created by community developers. Here’s an overview of the most valuable demo tutorials:

Reach Smart Contract Development

Besides PyTeal, Reach also compiles to TEAL and can be used to develop smart contracts. Here are a couple of demo tutorials you can follow:

TEAL Smart Contract Development

Most developers don’t use TEAL directly to write smart contracts but prefer using PyTeal or Reach to develop. However, it is still valuable to have some understanding of what happens in TEAL. Here are two valuable tutorials to improve your understanding:

Algorand Courses

Lastly, it’s much easier to follow a course that teaches you all aspects of Algorand development.

Algorand-curated video course that covers all aspects of smart contract development.

The DappRadar tutorial course introduces you to Algorand, asset management, TEAL, PyTeal smart contracts, and using AlgoSigner vs. WalletConnect to interact with your DApp.

  • Part 1: Intro to Algorand Development
  • Part 2: Intro to Algorand Asset Management
  • Part 3: Intro to writing smart signatures using TEAL
  • Part 4: PyTeal smart signature development
  • Part 5: Interacting with smart contracts

Community member Antony has created a 1h+ long community tutorial covering all aspects of Algorand development.

For the Spanish-speaking community, you can access Blockchain Academy Chile’s course in Spanish.

If you have any questions, join the Algorand Developer Discord. If you want to stay up-to-date with Algorand development, follow @algodevs on Twitter.