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    Securely share files on Algorand with IPFS

    Algorand-IPFS integrations allows decentralized applications access to secure digital content.

    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla
    Diego Said Anaya Mancilla Developer Ambassador
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    “Alexa, ask Algorand for the latest round on MainNet?”

    Sample code for how to transform a few basic interactions with the Algorand blockchain into a voice-interactive experience using Alexa.

    Liz Baran
    Liz Baran Algorand
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    Decentralized Two-Factor Authentication With Algorand Standard Assets

    Sample code for creating a basic two-factor authentication system with Algorand Standard Assets.

    Matt Worzala
    Matt Worzala Developer Ambassador
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    Creating a Point-of-Sale Application with the Algorand Blockchain

    We show how to use Algorand’s blockchain to create an alternative payment solution for processing retail transactions. The solution demonstrates a point-of-sale application and a signing wallet.

    Eric Gieseke
    Eric Gieseke Algorand
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    Using the Algorand Blockchain to Track COVID-19

    Sample code for scraping and processing IReport-Covid survey data from the Algorand Blockchain to better understand how COVID-19 affects people in real time.

    Rahul Zalkikar
    Rahul Zalkikar Developer Ambassador
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    Arduino on Algorand Blockchain

    Sample code to connect any Arduino to the Algorand Blockchain.

    Ted Nivan
    Ted Nivan Developer Ambassador
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    Interact with the Algorand Blockchain Network using SMS and Voice

    Use the Twilio SMS and Voice APIs to interact with the Algorand Blockchain.

    Rashan Smith
    Rashan Smith Developer Ambassador
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    Build Algorand iOS, Android and UWP apps using C# .NET SDK and Xamarin

    This solution shows how to build an Algorand application for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), with one code base, using Xamarin Forms and C#.

    Russ Fustino
    Russ Fustino Algorand
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    Exporting Algorand Transactions for Tax Reporting

    Export tool for exporting Algorand on-chain transactions including rewards for crypto-tax sites to consume.

    Patrick Bennett
    Patrick Bennett Developer Ambassador
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    AlgoNim is the first Algorand game incorporating all the features introduced in Algorand 2.0: Algorand Standard Assets (ASA), Atomic Transfers (AT) and Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1).

    Cosimo Bassi
    Cosimo Bassi Algorand
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    Algo Tides - Manage Your Own Wallets with a Graphical Interface

    This solution introduces you to "Algo Tides" and describes common techniques in building a graphical interface on Algorand using Python.

    Giorgio Ciotti
    Giorgio Ciotti Developer Ambassador
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    Example Digital Exchange Smart Contract Application

    This solution presents a very simple DEX application using stateless and stateful smart contracts. It allows users to place limit orders that are fulfilled at a later time by another party.

    Jason Weathersby
    Jason Weathersby Algorand
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    Ecommerce Payments Using PHP/Javascript

    Allow users to pay for online goods using Algorand assets at the checkout terminal.

    Blaise Bayuo
    Blaise Bayuo Developer Ambassador
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    FDA Recalls Application

    This application stores FDA recall data on Algorand’s blockchain and then uses Algorand's indexer to locate the FDA recall data.

    Pierce Hunt
    Pierce Hunt Algorand Ambassador
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    ASA Recurring Withdrawal DApp

    Build an ASA's recurring withdrawal dApp combining Algorand Standard Assets, Algorand Smart Contracts and Atomic Transfers.

    Cosimo Bassi
    Cosimo Bassi Algorand
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    PLC interacting with Algorand Blockchain

    Industrial computers (PLCs) are widespread today. Connecting them to Algorand opens key areas of Industry 4.0

    Thomas Benninger
    Thomas Benninger Developer Ambassador
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    MiniBond Issuance with PyTeal and Python SDK

    This solution deals with the issuance of minibonds on Algorand: from defining the terms of a bond, to publishing it on a chain of preference, and finally how a user will be able to interact with the bond (essentially a stateless smart contract).

    Zifan Wang
    Zifan Wang City University of Hong Kong
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    Creating Algorand Wallet Application with PHP Algorand SDK

    This solutions describes how to use and create a Wallet Application (WebApp GUI) with the new PHP Algorand SDK (native).

    Felipe Vieira
    Felipe Vieira Developer Ambassador
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