goal clerk multisig signprogram

goal clerk multisig signprogram

Add a signature to a multisig LogicSig


Start a multisig LogicSig, or add a signature to an existing multisig, for a given program.

goal clerk multisig signprogram -t [transaction file] -a [address] [flags]


  -a, --address string         Address of the key to sign with

  -h, --help                   help for signprogram

  -L, --lsig string            Partial LogicSig to add signature to

  -o, --lsig-out string        File to write partial Lsig to

  -A, --msig-address string    Multi-Sig Address that signing address is part of

  -p, --program string         Program source to be compiled and signed

  -P, --program-bytes string   Program binary to be signed

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --datadir stringArray   Data directory for the node

  -k, --kmddir string         Data directory for kmd

  -w, --wallet string         Set the wallet to be used for the selected operation