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    Contribute to the Algorand Developer Docs

    The official Algorand Developer Documentation repository is now public and open to contributions. Read the contributing guide to get started.

    Liz Baran
    Liz Baran Algorand
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    Contribute to the Algorand Community and Earn Rewards

    Last week we launched our new Developer Portal, with significant improvements to how developers can learn to use and implement applications on the Algorand blockchain. We are looking for developers to help us expand the content on this site, and the Algorand Foundation is rewarding those who do!

    Jason Weathersby
    Jason Weathersby Algorand
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    Algo Tides - Manage Your Own Wallets with a Graphical Interface

    This solution introduces you to "Algo Tides" and describes common techniques in building a graphical interface on Algorand using Python.

    Giorgio Ciotti
    Giorgio Ciotti Developer Ambassador
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    Creating a CrowdFunding Application with the Algorand Blockchain

    This solutions article describes the implementation of a next-generation crowdfunding Application using the Algorand Blockchain.

    Eric Gieseke
    Eric Gieseke Algorand
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    Building Mobile Apps Using React-Native-Algo Library

    The react-native-algo library provides mobile developers easy access to the java-algorand-sdk while building an android app in react-native.

    Jesulonimi Akingbesote
    Jesulonimi Akingbesote Medflit
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    FDA Recalls Application

    This application stores FDA recall data on Algorand’s blockchain and then uses Algorand's indexer to locate the FDA recall data.

    Pierce Hunt
    Pierce Hunt Algorand Ambassador
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    ALGO Payment Plugin for Shopware 6 eCommerce

    Accept payments to your Shopware 6 webshop from the Algorand network. This Shopware plugin, written in server-side PHP, takes care of accepting Algorand payments using the free AlgoExplorer API.

    Rune Laenen
    Rune Laenen
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    Case Study: OneStep Disaster Relief Platform Built on Algorand

    This article describes the development of a comprehensive disaster relief platform powered by the Algorand blockchain.

    Nitya Timalsina
    Nitya Timalsina One Step Projects / Harvard
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    Intermediate · 1 hour +
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    Using loop invariants for verification in Reach

    Loops can be quite useful for writing Reach programs but verifying the outcome of loops can be challenging. In this tutorial, we will go through a tour of one of the most important features of Reach - automatic verification of loops using invariants.

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    Intermediate · 30 minutes
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    Understanding the TEAL Opcode Budget

    This guide gives a high-level overview of TEAL's opcode budget system, as well as a method to (finitely) increase it.

    Santiago Lisa
    Santiago Lisa
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    Beginner · 30 minutes
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    Send an Algorand Transaction Using Rust!

    In this tutorial we will take the first steps with the community supported Rust Algorand's SDK. We will start by installing Rust and the Algorand Sandbox and end by sending a transaction in a Rust program.

    Manuel Mauro
    Manuel Mauro
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    PyTeal — Writing Algorand Smart Contracts in Python

    PyTeal is a python language binding for Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC) that abstracts away the complexities in writing smart contracts. PyTeal is provided as an open-source tool for the Algorand community. We invite you to try, use, and contribute to PyTeal if you are interested in developing and deploying ASC’s in Python.

    Shumo Chu
    Shumo Chu Algorand
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    Getting Started on Algorand

    In this article, we are going to cover some of the basics of where to start, what tutorials are available, options for setting up your development environment, and how you can be rewarded for developing applications on the Algorand blockchain.

    Russ Fustino
    Russ Fustino Algorand
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    Introducing AlertHub to Monitor Your Algorand Accounts

    AlertHub allows developers to enable monitoring and real-time alerting on Algorand accounts.

    Sooin Yoon
    Sooin Yoon Metrika
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    Algo Builder v1.0 Released

    We are pleased to release 1.0 of our Algo Builder software! Learn more about our new features, smart contract examples and dApp templates.

    Robert Zaremba
    Robert Zaremba Algorand Builder
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    Royalty payments using ARC18

    This article summarizes the royalty payments ARC18 specification for Algorand Standard Assets(ASA) .

    Jason Weathersby
    Jason Weathersby Algorand
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    Ecommerce Payments Using PHP/Javascript

    Allow users to pay for online goods using Algorand assets at the checkout terminal.

    Blaise Bayuo
    Blaise Bayuo Developer Ambassador
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    AlgorandTipBot on Telegram - Send ALGO to any @username

    The AlgorandTipBot enables Telegram users to send tips (small amounts of ALGO) to other users of the messaging app.

    Maksim Artemyev
    Maksim Artemyev Developer Ambassador
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