Algorand has three public networks: MainNet, TestNet, and BetaNet. This section provides details about each of these networks that will help you validate the integrity of your connection to them. Learn more about Choosing a Network in the Start Building section.

Diagram of the relationship between the three public networks.

Algorand Public Networks

Each network page, contains the following information:

  • What's New (M, T, B)- An optional section where new features are highlighted with links to accompanying documentation.
  • Version (M, T, B) - The latest protocol software version. Should match goal -v or GET /versions build version.
  • Release Version (M, T, B) - A link to the official release notes where you can view all the latest changes.
  • Genesis ID (M, T, B) - A human-readable identifier for the network. This should not be used as a unique identifier.
  • Genesis Hash (M, T, B) - The unique identifier for the network, present in every transaction. Validate that your transactions match the network you plan to submit them to.
  • FeeSink Address (M, T, B) - Read more about special accounts here.
  • RewardsPool Address (M, T, B) - Read more about special accounts here.
  • Faucet (T, B) - Link to a faucet (TestNet and BetaNet only).