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indexer util validator

indexer util validator



Compare algod and indexer to each other and report any discrepencies.

indexer util validator [flags]


      --addr string            If provided validate a single address instead of reading Stdin.

      --algod-token string     Algod token.

      --algod-url string       Algod url.

  -h, --help                   help for validator

      --indexer-token string   Indexer token.

      --indexer-url string     Indexer url.

      --print-commands         Print curl commands, including tokens, to query algod and indexer.

      --processor int          Choose compare algorithm [0 = Struct, 1 = Reflection]

      --retries int            Number of retry attempts when a difference is detected. (default 5)

      --retry-delay int        Time in milliseconds to sleep between retries. (default 1000)

      --threads int            Number of worker threads to initialize. (default 4)


  • indexer util - Utilities for testing Indexer operation and correctness.