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Where do I start?

Continue getting started

The rest of this getting started guide is organized into three main sections that can be viewed on their own or as part of this sequence. In order, they are:

Smart contracts & dApps

This is the next section, which will take you straight into building a decentralized application (a “dApp”) on Algorand. You’ll learn how to build Alice and Bob’s NFT auction application!

Teach me how to build a dApp!


This section will walk you through the basics of tokenizing assets on Algorand. We’ll start with showing you how Alice and Bob tokenize their NFT, then walk through creating fungible tokens, followed by security tokens. You don’t need to write smart contract code to tokenize assets on Algorand. Assets are a layer-1 primitive, built right into the protocol itself.

I want to learn how to mint NFTs.

I want to learn how to create fungible tokens.

I want to learn how to create security tokens.


The final section is primarily for developers who want to give their users access to on-chain assets like the Algo, NFTs, FTs, and security tokens. For example, if you are a wallet or an exchange that wants to list Algos or ASAs, this section is for you!

I want my users to be able to trade Algos or ASAs.

I want to look up on-chain data.

We will often refer back to the story of Alice and Bob throughout this getting started guide to help place many of these concepts into a realistic use case.


Links to Run code will send you to a third-party site called loaded with full code examples from the Algorand team that you can simply run with no environment setup needed. If you create a free account on, you will be able to fork and edit any of those code repls.

Detailed feature documentation

If you are looking for detailed feature explanations and reference documentation, check out the “Get details” section or just search for what you’re looking for using the search box in the top left corner of the site.

Get all the details on layer-1 features and capabilities.

Developer Blog

Here you can find code tutorials and prototypes from the Algorand developer community. This is also where big features will be announced. If you’re interested in contributing your own work, visit this list of GitHub bounties to learn of available publishing opportunities.

See the latest articles and code from Algorand and the community.

Ecosystem Tools & Projects

Want to know what IDEs are available for building dApps or which wallets you can integrate with your dApp? These sorts of developer tools and projects can be found on the Ecosystem Tools & Projects page.

Browse tools, projects, dApps.

Participate in Algorand Consensus

Most of this getting started section is targeted towards application developers. If you’re interested in running a MainNet node and participating in Algorand consensus, refer to the "Run a node" section.

I want to run a node.

I want to participate in Algorand consensus.