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goal network create

goal network create

Create a private named network from a template


Creates a collection of folders under the specified root directory that make up the entire private network named 'private' (simplifying cleanup).

goal network create [flags]


      --devMode           Forces the configuration to enable DevMode, returns an error if the template is not compatible with DevMode.

  -h, --help              help for create

  -n, --network string    Specify the name to use for the private network

      --noclean           Prevents auto-cleanup on error - for diagnosing problems

  -K, --noimportkeys      Do not import root keys when creating the network (by default will import)

  -s, --start             Automatically start the network after creating it.

  -t, --template string   Specify the path to the template file for the network

Options inherited from parent commands

  -d, --datadir stringArray   Data directory for the node

  -k, --kmddir string         Data directory for kmd

  -r, --rootdir string        Root directory for the private network directories


  • goal network - Create and manage private, multi-node, locally-hosted networks