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algokey part keyreg

algokey part keyreg

Make key registration transaction

algokey part keyreg [flags]


      --account string      account address to bring offline; only specify when taking an account offline from voting in Algorand consensus

      --fee uint            transaction fee (default 1000)

      --firstvalid uint     first round where the transaction may be committed to the ledger

  -h, --help                help for keyreg

      --keyfile string      participation keys to register, file is opened to fetch metadata for the transaction; only specify when bringing an account online to vote in Algorand consensus

      --lastvalid uint      last round where the generated transaction may be committed to the ledger, defaults to firstvalid + 1000

      --network string      the network where the provided keys will be registered, one of mainnet/testnet/betanet (default "mainnet")

      --offline             set to bring an account offline

  -o, --outputFile string   write signed transaction to this file, or '-' to write to stdout