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AlgoKit is a collection of tools and libraries that make it easy to build applications on Algorand.

CLI Tool

The AlgoKit CLI Tool provides a command line interface developers building applications on Algorand.

Using the CLI tool a developer can, among other things, spin up or manage a local network or initialize a new project from a Template.


The AlgoKit localnet sub-command allows a developer to quickly spin up a private network in a local docker container. This is useful for testing and development. This command replaces the need to install a local node manually or with the Sandbox.

Simply running

$ algokit localnet start

Will download the required docker containers and spin up a network listening on the same ports as Sandbox and create and fund a set of accounts for the developer to use.

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The AlgoKit init sub-command allows a developer to instantly initialize a new project from a template. A default set of templates is provided by the AlgoKit CLI tool, but any template can be used by passing the --template-url flag.

Simply running

$ algokit init 

Will take the developer through a set of prompts to initialize a new project. The developer can choose from a set of templates and the CLI tool will download the template and initialize the project in a new directory. All parameters can also be provided as command line arguments.

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There are a set of libraries that AlgoKit provides to make it easier to build solutions on Algorand. These libraries are written with developer experience in mind as a wrapper over the core algosdk libraries and abstract the most common tasks away from the developer as well as providing some advanced features such as idempotent smart contract deployment.