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AlgoKit Task IPFS

The AlgoKit IPFS feature allows you to interact with the IPFS InterPlanetary File System using the Piñata provider. This feature supports logging in and out of the Piñata provider, and uploading files to IPFS.


Available commands and possible usage as follows:

$ ~ algokit task ipfs
Usage: algokit task ipfs [OPTIONS]

Upload files to IPFS using Pinata provider.

  -f, --file PATH Path to the file to upload. [required]
  -n, --name TEXT Human readable name for this upload, for use in file listings.
  -h, --help Show this message and exit.


  • --file, -f PATH: Specifies the path to the file to upload. This option is required.
  • --name, -n TEXT: Specifies a human readable name for this upload, for use in file listings.


Before you can use this feature, you need to ensure that you have signed up for a Piñata account and have a JWT. You can sign up for a Piñata account by reading quickstart.


Please note, you need to login to the Piñata provider before you can upload files. You can do this using the login command:

$ algokit task ipfs login

This will prompt you to enter your Piñata JWT. Once you are logged in, you can upload files to IPFS.


To upload a file to IPFS, you can use the ipfs command as follows:

$ algokit task ipfs --file {PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE}

This will upload the file to IPFS using the Piñata provider and return the CID (Content Identifier) of the uploaded file.


If you want to logout from the Piñata provider, you can use the logout command:

$ algokit task ipfs logout

This will remove your Piñata JWT from the keyring.

File Size Limit

Please note, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 100MB. If you try to upload a file larger than this, you will receive an error.

Further Reading

For in-depth details, visit the ipfs section in the AlgoKit CLI reference documentation.