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types indexer.StateProofTransactionResult

@algorandfoundation/algokit-utils / types/indexer / StateProofTransactionResult

Interface: StateProofTransactionResult


Fields for a state proof transaction

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message: Object

[spmsg] State proof message

Message represents the message that the state proofs are attesting to. This message can be used by lightweight client and gives it the ability to verify proofs on the Algorand's state.

In addition to that proof, this message also contains fields that are needed in order to verify the next state proofs (VotersCommitment and LnProvenWeight).

Type declaration
Name Type Description
block-headers-commitment string [b] BlockHeadersCommitment contains a commitment on all light block headers within a state proof interval.
first-attested-round number [f] First round the message attests to
latest-attested-round number [l] Last round the message attests to
ln-proven-weight number [P] An integer value representing the natural log of the proven weight with 16 bits of precision. This value would be used to verify the next state proof.
voters-commitment string [v] The vector commitment root of the top N accounts to sign the next StateProof. Pattern : "^(?:[A-Za-z0-9+/]{4})*(?:[A-Za-z0-9+/]{2}==\
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state-proof: Object

[sp] a proof on Algorand's state

Type declaration
Name Type Description
part-proofs MerkleArrayProof [P] Part proofs that make up the overall proof
positions-to-reveal number[] [pr] The positions that are revealed
reveals { participant: { verifier: { commitment: string ; key-lifetime: number } ; weight: number } ; position: number ; sig-slot: { lower-sig-weight: number ; signature: { falcon-signature: string ; merkle-array-index: number ; proof: MerkleArrayProof ; verifying-key: string } } }[] [r] Reveals is a sparse map from the position being revealed to the corresponding elements from the sigs and participants arrays.
salt-version number [v] Merkle signature salt version
sig-commit string [c] Digest of the signature commit
sig-proofs MerkleArrayProof [S] Proofs for the signature
signed-weight number [w] The combined weight of the signatures
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state-proof-type: number

[sptype] State proof type, per

  • 0: StateProofBasic is our initial state proof setup. using falcon keys and subset-sum hash
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