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Run the Conduit framework.


Conduit is a framework for ingesting blocks from the Algorand blockchain

into external applications. It is designed as a modular plugin system that

allows users to configure their own data pipelines.

You must provide a data directory containing a file named conduit.yml. The

file configures pipeline and all enabled plugins.

See other subcommands for further built in utilities and information.

Detailed documentation is online:

conduit [flags]


  -d, --data-dir string            Set the Conduit data directory. If not set the CONDUIT_DATA_DIR environment variable is used.

  -h, --help                       help for conduit

  -r, --next-round-override uint   Set the starting round. Overrides next-round in metadata.json. Some exporters do not support overriding the starting round.

  -v, --version                    Print the Conduit version.