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Algo transfers

Algo transfers is a higher-order use case capability provided by AlgoKit Utils allows you to easily initiate algo transfers between accounts, including dispenser management and idempotent account funding.

To see some usage examples check out the automated tests.

Transferring Algos

The key function to facilitate Algo transfers is algokit.transfer(algod_client, transfer_parameters), which returns the underlying EnsureFundedResponse and takes a TransferParameters

The following fields on TransferParameters are required to transfer ALGOs:

  • from_account: The account or signer that will send the ALGOs
  • to_address: The address of the account that will receive the ALGOs
  • micro_algos: The amount of micro ALGOs to send

Ensuring minimum Algos

The ability to automatically fund an account to have a minimum amount of disposable ALGOs to spend is incredibly useful for automation and deployment scripts. The function to facilitate this is ensure_funded(client, parameters), which takes an EnsureBalanceParameters instance and returns the underlying EnsureFundedResponse if a payment was made, a string if the dispenser API was used, or None otherwise.

The following fields on EnsureBalanceParameters are required to ensure minimum ALGOs:

  • account_to_fund: The account address that will receive the ALGOs. This can be an Account instance, an AccountTransactionSigner instance, or a string.
  • min_spending_balance_micro_algos: The minimum balance of micro ALGOs that the account should have available to spend (i.e. on top of minimum balance requirement).
  • min_funding_increment_micro_algos: When issuing a funding amount, the minimum amount to transfer (avoids many small transfers if this gets called often on an active account). Default is 0.
  • funding_source: The account (with private key) or signer that will send the ALGOs. If not set, it will use get_dispenser_account. This can be an Account instance, an AccountTransactionSigner instance, TestNetDispenserApiClient instance, or None.
  • suggested_params: (optional) Transaction parameters, an instance of SuggestedParams.
  • note: (optional) The transaction note, default is "Funding account to meet minimum requirement".
  • fee_micro_algos: (optional) The flat fee you want to pay, useful for covering extra fees in a transaction group or app call.
  • max_fee_micro_algos: (optional) The maximum fee that you are happy to pay (default: unbounded). If this is set it's possible the transaction could get rejected during network congestion.

The function calls Algod to find the current balance and minimum balance requirement, gets the difference between those two numbers and checks to see if it's more than the min_spending_balance_micro_algos. If so, it will send the difference, or the min_funding_increment_micro_algos if that is specified. If the account is on TestNet and use_dispenser_api is True, the AlgoKit TestNet Dispenser API will be used to fund the account.


If you are attempting to fund via Dispenser API, make sure to set ALGOKIT_DISPENSER_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable prior to invoking ensure_funded. To generate the token refer to AlgoKit CLI documentation

Transfering Assets

The key function to facilitate asset transfers is transfer_asset(algod_client, transfer_parameters), which returns a AssetTransferTxn and takes a TransferAssetParameters:

The following fields on TransferAssetParameters are required to transfer assets:

  • from_account: The account or signer that will send the ALGOs
  • to_address: The address of the account that will receive the ALGOs
  • asset_id: The asset id that will be transfered
  • amount: The amount to send as the smallest divisible unit value


If you want to programmatically send funds then you will often need a "dispenser" account that has a store of ALGOs that can be sent and a private key available for that dispenser account.

There is a standard AlgoKit Utils function to get access to a dispenser account: get_dispenser_account. When running against LocalNet, the dispenser account can be automatically determined using the Kmd API. When running against other networks like TestNet or MainNet the mnemonic of the dispenser account can be provided via environment variable DISPENSER_MNEMONIC

Please note that this does not refer to the AlgoKit TestNet Dispenser API which is a separate abstraction that can be used to fund accounts on TestNet via dedicated API service.