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Types transaction

@algorandfoundation/algokit-utils / types/transaction

Module: types/transaction

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Type Aliases

Type Aliases


Ƭ Arc2TransactionNote: { dAppName: string ; data: string ; format: "m" | "b" | "u" } | { dAppName: string ; data: TransactionNoteData ; format: "j" }

ARC-0002 compatible transaction note components

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Ƭ SendTransactionFrom: Account | SigningAccount | LogicSigAccount | MultisigAccount | TransactionSignerAccount

Core account abstraction when signing/sending transactions

This type is used across the entire AlgoKit Utils library and allows you to pass through many types of accounts, including: * Account - The in-built algosdk.Account type for mnemonic accounts * SigningAccount - An AlgoKit Utils class that wraps Account to provide support for rekeyed accounts * LogicSigAccount - The in-built algosdk.LogicSigAccount type for logic signatures * MultisigAccount - An AlgoKit Utils class that wraps a multisig account and provides mechanisms to get a multisig account * TransactionSignerAccount - An AlgoKitUtils class that wraps the in-built algosdk.TransactionSigner along with the sender address

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Ƭ TransactionNote: Uint8Array | TransactionNoteData | Arc2TransactionNote

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Ƭ TransactionNoteData: string | null | undefined | number | any[] | Record\<string, any>

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